LuxIntelligent Advantages

LuxIntelligent is a complete emergency light testing solution, with easy installation, real-time status via the cloud, and most importantly demonstrable proof of compliance to BS 5266-1

Easy Installation

LuxIntelligent can be installed on your existing wiring, and panels can be networked to cover large sites at low cost. Networking can be unlimited, using your site's LAN or wireless networks or using two-core cable.

The ability to scale the network means that you can use our cloud monitoring and mobile monitoring to manage a system that covers one site, or three countries quickly and easily. Using two-core cable, you're limited to 200-panel networks. Using our LAN networking, you can use as many panels as you want - All they need is an internet connection.

Each panel supports up to 996 lights, across four loops, so it’s very easy to offer complete site coverage quickly.

Forget the Panel

We think the time has come for emergency light testing to become a real service, not a box on the wall. With LuxIntelligent you can put your panels in the cupboard and forget them.

This is possible because they are ‘bullet-proof’. They have been on the market for 15 years, offer the highest reliability and quality standards and never let customers down.

The system was Advanced’s first life safety product and thought its various developments is the foundation for what has become an international leader, operating in over 60 countries worldwide, developing control and analysis systems for life safety and fire.

When you add our cloud data storage and mobile and tablet system monitoring, you never need to look at the panel again (apart from a three-year battery check). LuxIntelligent Cloud monitoring gives you real-time system test data and reporting in your pocket, tablet or on your computer.

Loves Your Lights

LuxIntelligent is the only system that will work with almost any light from almost any manufacturer; it offers more choice, flexibility and security.

You can use any luminaires from our range of emergency lights, or a light sourced from a third party. If you wish to keep your existing luminaires and wiring, you can quickly convert them to LuxIntelligent's addressable protocol by adding our addressable modules. Advanced is ICEL 1004 approved to carry out conversions.

Competitor systems will restrict you to specific lights or a specific a range of lights. This is not a sensible approach because the lighting market changes fast and because one kind of light is not necessarily suitable for all applications.

You could end up in a situation where most of your emergency lighting works on a system but other lights won’t because they are not part of that system, or even worse are on a second system, a management and maintenance nightmare. LuxIntelligent makes sure this doesn’t happen and keeps saving you time and money.

No Limits

We think your emergency light test systems should not be limited, and so we’ve made sure you can easily cover your whole site and your existing system with LuxIntelligent.

Each LuxIntelligent panel has up to 4 easily-wired lighting loops supporting up to 249 luminaires. That’s an unbeatable 996 per panel and 199,200 per network.

LuxIntelligent has been designed and is proven to work with almost any light or luminaire, including LEDs. What’s more, it can use all of your existing lights.

Your LuxIntelligent system can expand from one panel which will cover 996 lights to an unlimited ‘cable-free’ network using our LAN networking. It will work with central battery systems too.

You can monitor your entire emergency lighting system from anywhere in the world using our dedicated iPhone and iPad app or any web browser. It’s the truly unlimited emergency lighting test system.

Saves Time & Money

LuxIntelligent saves you time and money, and we can prove it. Try our savings calculator which will show you how a combination of the best testing technology, the easiest and most flexible installation and time reducing cloud monitoring add up to deliver unrivalled savings and benefits.

LuxIntelligent is an addressable solution that tests every light on your system to standards automatically; you no longer have to test every light manually. All results are stored in the panel but also on the monitoring PC and also in our LuxIntelligent cloud storage.

So, you spend ZERO engineer time on testing and very little time managing of the system. Add our cloud monitoring, and mobile/computer reporting and management tools and one person can manage the whole system on their phone.

The system ensures all your reports are there, ready when you need them. All your historical data is available with a click or a swipe, and you can share panels, or systems, or send maintenance reports with a click. It’s the easiest, most effective way to manage emergency light testing and to guarantee compliance to BS 5266-1, EN 50172 and beyond.

Proof of Compliance

A well tested, compliant system that works when you need it is the goal. No other system makes compliance to BS 5266-1, EN 50172 easier or more cost effective.

Firstly we offer live status and test reporting. We can also store all of your data in three places, the panel, the PC and the Lux Intelligent Cloud. We give you access to that data on your phone, tablet or any computer and we make it easy to share sites, panels or test and maintenance reports with your team or 3rd party partners quickly and easily.

It’s this unique combination of zero time testing data, data integrity and quick resolution of problems and maintenance needs that make LuxIntelligent so reliable and cost effective.

Add to this the fact your system can easily scale to cover any site anywhere, and work with just about any light or LED fitting, and you've got a system that’s unbeatable and future proofed, saving on expensive one-off investment in the future.

Direct Monitoring

LuxIntelligent modules ensure your lights are functioning correctly using fibre optics for direct light measurement and high-performance electronics to monitor appropriate voltage levels.

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LED vs Fluorescent

Many emergency lighting installations have been in place for ten years or more and include old technology that can add thousands of pounds of unnecessary expense to a building’s overall running costs.

Traditional fluorescent lighting consumes significantly more electricity than LED technology, while the typical lifespan of fluorescent lights is between 15-30 per cent shorter than that of identical LED solutions, resulting in a greater number of bulb failures and replacements leading to higher overall maintenance costs.

Switching to LuxIntelligent’s low-energy LED emergency lighting is quick, simple and will on average deliver 20% energy efficiency savings compared with fluorescent alternatives.

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Cloud + Mobile Apps

The LuxIntelligent cloud service and mobile app stores your data securely in the cloud, and gives you live status, advisories, reports and monitoring on your smartphone.

The service allows you to monitor all your sites, anywhere in the world down to device level from one account, and to share the elements and reports you want with engineers or maintenance staff.