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Can Lux Intelligent monitor light levels on LED lights?

Yes Lux Intelligent can monitor the light level produced by LED emergency lights, and this is especially important with some LEDs emergency lights currently on the market.  Although all LEDs in the Lux Intelligent range are designed to provide a high light output for 50,000 hours of use, some third party LEDs can see their output decay with time. 

Also, where it is difficult to monitor a direct light out, Lux Intelligent can provide alternative interfaces to monitor other aspects of LED luminaires such as current flow.

How does Lux Intelligent monitor emergency light performance?

Lux Intelligent’s unique addressable module (PLU) design monitors the actual light output of a luminaire via a fibre optic that typically points at luminaires light source.

This light level is measured against a calibrated value established at the time of manufacture of the PLU. 

If for some reason, a light level cannot be simply monitored in this fashion, it is possible to use another means of monitoring with an alternative interface component such as a current monitor.  Again, this is uniquely calibrated to ensure that the value measured confirms if the light source is working correctly.

What emergency lights does Lux Intelligent work with?

Lux Intelligent can work with almost any type of light fitting. 

To make a light suitable for the Lux Intelligent system, a low cost addressable PLU module needs to be incorporated in to the fitting.  This can be done by an end user, or the service can be provided by Advanced*. 

There is also a large selection of Lux Intelligent emergency lights available with both fluorescent and LED light sources, all ready with the addressable module installed.


* Advanced Electronics are the owners of the Lux Intelligent brand.

What standards do your emergency lights meet?

All luminaires manufactured by Advanced (Owners of Lux Intelligent) fully comply with EN60598-22. 

Advanced is certified to ISO 9001:2008 with the scope of the design, manufacture and assembly of safety control systems.  Advanced is also a member of ICEL, the Industry committee for Emergency Lighting and as a result of this affiliation, operates under its demanding quality requirements.  This is fully demonstrated with Advanced registration to ICEL's 1004 re-engineering of luminaires scheme.

You can view a full range of our emergency lighting luminaires, as well as datasheets for each of the luminaires.

How many emergency lights do I need?

There is no specific quantity of emergency lights specified.  The requirement is that you provide sufficient lighting levels, in the event of a mains failure, for people to safely exit from a building. 

Using the relevant standards BS EN 1836/BS 5266-7, the light level requirements for the building can be determined.  From that, the type and quantity of luminaires can be determined.