Lux Intelligent - Knowledge Base

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What is the Lux Intelligent Cloud Service

The Lux Intelligent Cloud service allows you to view and share real time system status and test information from your Lux Intelligent Emergency Lighting Test System on smartphones, tablets and internet connected computers.

It makes managing a compliant emergency lighting more efficient, convenient and cost effective and less time intensive.

The Cloud service securely stores your historic and real time system data and allows you to view it and interrogate it from site, panel and loop to device, from anywhere in the world, whether you have one panel or manage many Lux Intelligent systems across multiple sites around the world.

It allows you to share status or maintenance information with the people who maintain your local sites or systems. You can share entire sites or panels with partners and send reports from device level upwards.

What batteries does the panel require?

To ensure the panel operates fully during a mains power outage, the panel will run off two 12 Volt 7AHr VRLA type batteries monitoring the system over a three hour forced discharge.  This is for a fully utilized panel.

What is Advanced360?

Advanced360 is the complete technical support and customer service portal offered to all Advanced customers.

Advanced360 is free to signup, and is packed with datasheets, technical manuals, software downloads and upgrades, training information and training booking, as well as access to the technical support ticket system and telephone support.

You can sign up for an Advanced360 account now and get access to a wide variety of technical and support information.

How does the zone numbering work?

Zone numbering is a purely arbitrary tool.  It is provided so that you can group a number of luminaire fittings into a recognisable building area.  It is often useful to use the same numbering/text as the installed fire panel.  This is helpful as quite often, colour drawings will be displayed locally, showing how a building is 'zoned'.

How many tests can I program?

The panel can be programmed with up to 400 individual tests.  Luminaires can be allocated to up to fifty groups, which means any testing schedule can be carefully sculptured to the buildings exact requirements.  There are no limits as to the number of Luminaires allocated to a test group, so for example all 996 lights on a panel could be allocated to a single test group.

Can I force a manual test at any time?

The control panel allows various access levels to the panel.  If a user has level 2 access, the lights can be forced in to in to test for a duration specified by the engineer at the panel.  These results can also download similarly to any automated tests for documentation purposes.  Alternatively, they will be uploaded to cloud, the next time the monitoring PC downloads from that panel.