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How do I pay for Lux Intelligent?

Although a Lux Intelligent account is free, once you start uploading data into the cloud there is a charge based on the number of panels you are monitoring.

In order to make Lux Intelligent flexible, allowing you to add and remove panels as you wish, Lux Intelligent is charged on a credit basis.  You purchase credits, and your account maintains an credit balance.  Each month we deduct credits from your account based on the number of panels for which emergency lighting test data has been uploaded in the month.

So for example, if your network consists of 4 panels and you upload data for all 4 panels in a calendar month then your account will be deducted 4 credits.

As another example, if your network consists of 4 panels as above but you only upload data for 2 of those panels then your account will only be deducted 2 credits.

This model gives you the flexibility to "turn off" cloud monitoring for particular panels if you are not interested in the data from that panel, i.e. if you are in the process of de-commissioning or recommissioning a panel as part of a refurbishment.

We currently only accept payment on an invoice basis.  The service is charged on a per panel monitored basis, with price breaks for larger monitored networks.  You can purchase credit bundles within your Lux Intelligent account, or contact us to discuss larger bundles and price breaks for larger networks.

How do I sign up for the cloud service?

You can sign up for a Lux Intelligent account at  You can download the Lux Intelligent mobile app for Apple devices from the App Store.  

It is free to create a Lux Intelligent account, and it will continue to be free if you use Lux Intelligent to view emergency lighting data which has been shared with you.  The only fee for using Lux Intelligent is for uploading emergency lighting test data into the cloud.

So for example if you have an emergency lighting installation which you wish to be viewed by a manager and 3 engineers you could create 4 accounts, 1 for the manager, and one each for the engineers.  The managers account can be used for the data upload and so will carry a charge, but the engineers account will be free as the data is simply shared with them by the manager.

For more information see:

Do you have a data/ security statement?

We have a full Privacy Policy which details What, How, Where and Why we store your information.  You can read the full Privacy Policy here.

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Do I need to change my firewall configuration for Lux Intelligent?

Communications are always initiated from the monitoring side only.  This means no firewall reconfiguration is required.

For further information see the question on "Is my data safe?" for details on the security measures in place, and how data is passed from your network to the Lux Intelligent cloud without firewall changes required.

Is the network secure when using the cloud service?

Please see the question “Is my data safe?” for a full explanation of our network security and data encryption.