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Do you offer a graphics package?

No.  As yet, the cost of implementing a graphics system can be prohibitive to implementing such a system.  Lux Intelligent is aimed at helping the end user manage the testing and monitoring an emergency lighting installation removing the costs of direct manpower.  Adding a graphics tool will not give an additional cost benefit.

Can I access/manage a Lux Intelligent panel remotely?

Yes, there are a number methods of accessing and monitoring remote panels, if a direct connection to a PC is not available (PC more than 20 meters away).

The simplest option is to use the serial to Ethernet converter from the Lux Intelligent product range.  This allows the panel to be connected to the installations infrastructure.  This will allow access to the panel, via the Lux Intelligent logger software, from any PC on the local network.  However, through IT support, access could be provided via a portal to PCs from outside the network.  Aside from the converter, all that is required is a low cost data connection to the sites network.

A second option is to use other products from the Lux Intelligent range to provide remote access.  A standard modem card can be installed in the panel to connect to an external PSTN line, or simply an internal extension line.  The Lux Intelligent logger tool can be programmed to 'dial up' the panel in questions at specific times, and facilitate the downloading of results and panel data.

A similar result can be achieved using a GSM modem, where conventional fixed line connections may be difficult.   Again, this is another product in the Lux Intelligent range.

What does the logger tool show me and how does it keep my system compliant?

In order to be in compliance with BS5266 and the European Standard there must be a log of all tests and results.  

The Logger Tool can be scheduled to download test result data and luminaire status on a regular basis, and automatically generate panel test reports.  This is provided the panels have been installed correctly and programmed with the necessary automated tests. 

The logger tool allows the required test results to be downloaded and stored, demonstrating that the mandatory tests have been completed successfully.  Where fails have occurred, actions can be documented and retests actioned and recorded.

The logger tool not only can demonstrate monthly summarized testing, but also allow an operator to interrogate the complete history of a particular light fitting, since it was first monitored, showing all test results and any corrective actions.

For failures, the logger tool allows an operator generate fail summaries for distribution to maintenance teams.

What does the logger tool do?

The logger tool is a PC based software application which extracts the emergency lighting testing results and the current status of the emergency lighting installation from the emergency light testing panel.  It presents the data in a form that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the code of practice outlined in BS EN 5266.

It allows access to panel data either via a local connection (direct via an RS232 serial port connected directly to the panel) or indirectly across local area networks or telecommunication lines.  The data it downloads can be presented in various formats as well as allowing the user to add their own comments with regards to failures and rectification works.

For failures, the logger tool allows an operator generate fail summaries for distribution to maintenance teams.

The logger tool also has the facility to connect to panels via a ‘virtual terminal’ tool where the operator can carry actions out as if stood in front of the panel

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