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Do I need to buy new addressable lights?

No, if you are looking to add Lux Intelligent as a testing solution to your existing emergency lighting system, you do not need to replace your existing luminaires.

In order to use your own, or third party lights , with Lux Intelligent each light must be fitted with a PLU Module.  These modules can be installed by Advanced, or alternatively by your own electricians.

Lux Intelligent does have a complete range of emergency lighting luminaires which are supplied fitted with the PLU Module.  This range also includes the latest LED luminaire technology.

What is the PLU Module?

The PLU (Pulse Light Unit) Module is the Lux Intelligent low cost addressable module which sits inside each luminaire on the emergency lighting network, and is the key component to interfacing any luminaire to the Lux Intelligent panel.

Lux Intelligent has a full range of Emergency Luminaires available, each pre-fitted with the PLU Module.  However, you can use your existing Emergency Lights with Lux Intelligent by installing a PLU Module into each light.  This can be carried out by your own  service engineers or by Advanced.

Likewise, if you purchase your own lights from a third party, the PLU Module can be fitted into those lights to make them compatible with Lux Intellitent.

 For more information take a look at How does the PLU Module work?.

What emergency lights does Lux Intelligent work with?

Lux Intelligent can work with almost any type of light fitting. 

To make a light suitable for the Lux Intelligent system, a low cost addressable PLU module needs to be incorporated in to the fitting.  This can be done by an end user, or the service can be provided by Advanced*. 

There is also a large selection of Lux Intelligent emergency lights available with both fluorescent and LED light sources, all ready with the addressable module installed.


* Advanced Electronics are the owners of the Lux Intelligent brand.

How many emergency lights do I need?

There is no specific quantity of emergency lights specified.  The requirement is that you provide sufficient lighting levels, in the event of a mains failure, for people to safely exit from a building. 

Using the relevant standards BS EN 1836/BS 5266-7, the light level requirements for the building can be determined.  From that, the type and quantity of luminaires can be determined.


Does Lux Intelligent only work with self-contained systems?

Lux Intelligent can work equally a well with fully self-contained emergency lighting systems as well installations that use central battery or static inverters to provide their emergency cover. 

The flexibility of the system ensures all the necessary operating characteristics of a self-contained luminaire can be monitored and reported, whilst also allowing luminaires to be simply monitored for actual light output in the case of central battery or static inverter supplied units. 

As an added bonus, the control panel can interface to such systems and force them in to test as well as monitor for such units reporting faults.