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How do I access my test reports?

With the Lux Intelligent Cloud service you can access test reports on your mobile device or via the web application, and you can also email reports to yourself and access them from your email client.

You can also access the most recent test report on the local Logger tool.

How do I back up my emergency lighting test data?

The data stored within our Cloud service is backed up regularly to ensure that your data integrity is maintained.  You have multiple options if you wish to backup your data locally.

1)    Your Logger application can be setup to archive your test and status information on a weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or 6 Monthly schedule. See figure 2

2)    You can send yourself a test report at any time, and then export that data into Excel, and save those Excel reports locally.

Logger Tool Screenshot Backup Schedule

How many tests can I program?

The panel can be programmed with up to 400 individual tests.  Luminaires can be allocated to up to fifty groups, which means any testing schedule can be carefully sculptured to the buildings exact requirements.  There are no limits as to the number of Luminaires allocated to a test group, so for example all 996 lights on a panel could be allocated to a single test group.

Can I force a manual test at any time?

The control panel allows various access levels to the panel.  If a user has level 2 access, the lights can be forced in to in to test for a duration specified by the engineer at the panel.  These results can also download similarly to any automated tests for documentation purposes.  Alternatively, they will be uploaded to cloud, the next time the monitoring PC downloads from that panel.

Can I change my testing strategy?

Yes.  If it is identified that certain lights should not be tested at a certain times of day/month, this can be easily adjusted by reallocating the luminaire to a different testing group, or alternatively, adjusting the testing time of that particular test group.

Reallocating a luminaire to a different test group and altering a test group test schedule can be carried out via the menu system on the panel, or via the configuration tool.

What fault notification features does Lux Intelligent offer?

The Lux Intelligent system offers 3 levels of fault notification in respect of the emergency lighting installation.

As the emergency light testing panel regularly 'talks' to each light, it can report real time faults such as no light due to a failed tube, or a low battery due to a blown battery or battery disconnection.

Secondly the panel will report if a light fails a test, and will provide details of that failure reason.

And finally the panel also reports other faults that may occur on an installation which is not directly down to the lights themselves.  This could include the event of a local distribution board going down depriving a number of lights of normal mains supply, or alternatively a fault arises with the monitoring system such as an open circuit on the data loop.   As with the faults with lights, the panel provides additional information to help resolve the fault i.e. which zone has the power outage, or driving the data loop from one end to determine where the break maybe.