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Can I add new devices to an existing network?

Yes, you can add additional lights to your emergency lighting system at any time, provided you have enough capacity on the Lux Intelligent emergency light testing system.  See "How many lights can I network on each loop and panel?"

Adding additional lights to the network is a two step process.  Any additional lights added to a live system will require the new lights to be connected to the data loop.  This is initially achieved by isolating the data loop and breaking in to it at an appropriate point (normally a light close to the one(s) to be added.  The integrity of the loop should be maintained by running a new connection to the new light and then in turn, running a data connection from the new light to the next light in the existing loop.

At the panel, the 'search' feature should be used to find the new light, allocate a new address (the next free address, bearing in mind addresses do not need to be allocating sequentially as the lights as wired).  A prompt for an autolearn will be made and after completion, text, zone information and test group numbers can be added.  The new light is then on the system.  The panel aspects of the configuration can also be achieved using the PC based configuration tool software.