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How can I share information with colleagues?

You can share your emergency lighting test and status information via the Lux Intelligent cloud and associated mobile and web applications.  You can choose who you want to share the data with, and what data you want to share.

You can share your whole network down to individual panels with colleagues.  Once you share a panel or set of panels with a colleague, they can only see the test data and aggregated status for those panels.

You can revoke access to the data at any time.

So for example if you monitor emergency lighting at several installations across a geographical area, you may want to share the information for “Location 1” with the service company who maintains the lights at that location.  You may then share “Location 2” with a different maintenance company who services that location.  You could then also share “Location 2” and “Location 3” with a facilities manager who operates those locations.

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