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How does Lux Intelligent monitor my lights?

When a Lux Intelligent system is installed, each emergency luminaire is physically monitored by the emergency lighting test panel continuously.  It does this via a PLU Module installed within each emergency luminaire, which permits the panel the monitor all aspects of the light. 

The Pulse refers to the protocol used by the panel to talk to each light fitting.  This PLU also permits the panel to force the light in to emergency operation, hence how the panel tests and communicates with each light.

Working in Unison the emergency lighting test panel and the PLU are able to report on:

  • the communication with the light, and so diagnose a fault or break in the data cable between the panel and the light
  • the light level for the luminaire in both emergency and normal operating conditions.  This is measured via a fibre optic pointed at the luminaire light source
  • the battery level to indicate a fault with the battery
  • loss of mains supply which would indicate a fault with the mains supply loop

 For more information take a look at How does the PLU Module work?.