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How does Lux Intelligent save me time and money?

Lux Intelligent provides cost savings in the form of cutting down expensive manpower costs.  Not only does it remove the need for emergency lights to be visually inspected (in emergency) on a regular basis, it also can provide a means of gathering and presenting all the necessary proof that testing has been completed.  It can provide safe storage for this data and provide access to it to any concerned parties such as maintenance.  It also has the added bonus of providing accurate fault analyses allowing decisions to be made in regards of spares requirements prior to visiting sites.  This results in fewer costly site visits for repair works and a reliable cost effective means of determining a spares stocking approach.

In September 2010 ICEL, the emergency lighting arm of the Lighting Industry Federation (LIF), said that automatic testing can be more cost-effective and reliable than manual testing, and can also provide peace of mind.  ICEL believes that consideration should always be given to installing automatic testing systems conforming to BS EN 62034 because of their reliability and cost-effectiveness.