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How does the PLU Module work?

The PLU Module interfaces with the light fitting through some re-arranging of the standard emergency wiring.  It monitors the permanent mains supply to the light as well as being able to interrupt this connection.  This is essential in ensuring that the PLU can instigate mains fail conditions. 

It is also connected to the internal rechargeable battery terminals (where fitted), to allow the panel to be aware of the voltages during charging and discharging cycles. 

Finally, the PLU also monitors the actual light output from the luminaire via the it’s glass fibre.

The PLU contains information specific to the light fitting, which it communicates to the Lux Intelligent panel, which allows the panel to determine if the light fitting is functioning correctly, i.e. Maintained or non-maintained luminaire, number and type of rechargeable cells within the luminaire.  It also has a ‘lighting threshold’ value set, the point at which the panel determines if the light source is on or off.  All this information is set either during commissioning, or at the time of manufacture/re-engineering of the light fitting.

An important point to remember is that in the event of losing all the addressable aspects of the system, a light with a PLU installed will behave just like a normal emergency light fitting.