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Is my data safe?

The security of your Emergency Lighting test data is paramount.  We have designed our system to ensure that your data is not compromised at any time.  All communication between your monitoring stations and the Lux Intelligent Cloud is conducted over secure HTTP, and likewise the communication between Lux Intelligent and your mobile or web app is also conducted over secure HTTP. This means that no-one can “listen in” on the data being sent over the internet.

The data within the Lux Intelligent cloud is stored securely within our data center.  The data can only be accessed via your Lux Intelligent account and your Lux Intelligent credentials are also encrypted.  On top of that the data stored by Lux Intelligent is anonymous, so there is no personal information attached to the data.

Also, as shown in the diagram below the communication between your emergency lighting monitoring network and the Lux Intelligent cloud service is all one way.  The data flows out-bound from your network, meaning there is no in bound connections to your network, and no need for your IT department to alter your firewall settings.  Essentially if you are able to browse the internet from within your LAN network, then Lux Intelligent will be able to upload your emergency lighting test data with no further IT reconfiguration required.

Diagram showing the flow of data from the Emergency Lighting network to the Lux Intelligent cloud monitoring service

Figure 1: Diagram shows the flow of data from the Emergency Lighting network out to the Lux Intelligent cloud service.