Lux Intelligent - Knowledge Base

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What does the Lux Intelligent cloud service do?

The Lux Intelligent Cloud service extracts emergency lighting status and test result information from the Logger Tool, which sits on an internet connected PC, using the Lux Intelligent Synch Agent, and aggregates it into your own secure account.  From here you can access your data via our Lux Intelligent mobile/tablet app, or via your web browser.

You can also share the data from your sites and panels with colleagues, and generate reports for you facilities team, maintenance engineers and other interested parties.

The Lux Intelligent Cloud solution gives you reporting options significantly richer than those available through the Logger desktop application, as well as giving you real time data at your fingertips whether you are on or off site.

The improved reporting schemes include:

  • A traffic light status monitor showing you at a glance the status of your entire emergency lighting network
  • Ability to view current status issues by type, i.e. Low Light, Low/High Battery, Lost Comms, No Mains etc
  • View luminaires by Panel, Loop or Zone
  • Generate test reports, maintenance reports and advisory reports for a group of sites through to individual panels.