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What fault notification features does Lux Intelligent offer?

The Lux Intelligent system offers 3 levels of fault notification in respect of the emergency lighting installation.

As the emergency light testing panel regularly 'talks' to each light, it can report real time faults such as no light due to a failed tube, or a low battery due to a blown battery or battery disconnection.

Secondly the panel will report if a light fails a test, and will provide details of that failure reason.

And finally the panel also reports other faults that may occur on an installation which is not directly down to the lights themselves.  This could include the event of a local distribution board going down depriving a number of lights of normal mains supply, or alternatively a fault arises with the monitoring system such as an open circuit on the data loop.   As with the faults with lights, the panel provides additional information to help resolve the fault i.e. which zone has the power outage, or driving the data loop from one end to determine where the break maybe.