Lux Intelligent - Knowledge Base

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What is Lux Intelligent?

Lux Intelligent is an automatic emergency lighting testing system, manufactured by Advanced Electronics, and has been in operation for over 15 years.

The Lux Intelligent panel constantly monitors the state of all the luminaires on the emergency lighting network, reports any current faults on the network, and automatically executes scheduled testing of the luminaires on the network.

The emergency lighting testing panel works in unison with a PLU unit which is fitted inside each luminaire.  The PLU contains the electronics used to simulate an emergency situation and put the luminaire into it's emergency state.  It will then monitor the battery and light level states and report that data back to the panel.

Lux Intelligent also includes desktop PC software for collating the Luminaire status and test history information into Panel Reports, providing a log of the test shedule and historic test results.

Additional to this Lux Intelligent also has a cloud monitoring service which allows a customer to amalgamate data from all the panels in their emergency lighting network, or from multiple emergency lighting networks into a cloud storage platform, and then access that data in real time via their mobile device or a dedicated web browser based interface.