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What reports can I generate?

There are 4 main report types which can be created within Lux Intelligent.

  1. Panel Test Report – This report lists the test result and current status of each of the lights on the chosen panel.  You can generate a panel report for an entire network right down to an individual panel.  You can also generate back dated reports where the test data exists.  You can also pick which devices to include, i.e. failed, passed, untested, aborted, skipped and deferred

  2. Maintenance Report – A maintenance report lists only the lights/devices with either a current status issue or a fail for the most recent test.

  3. Advisories Report – An advisory report lists the devices where an advisory notice is in place.  i.e. there is no current monthly or annual test, or the monthly or annual test is due to expire soon.

  4. Luminaire Report - A report for an individual luminaire, containing the luminaires full test history.