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Who owns the data in the cloud?

The data which is uploaded to the Lux Intelligent cloud belongs to the User who uploaded the data in the first instance.  The data does not become the property of Lux Intelligent or Advanced Electronics LTD.

To clarify, when you setup the Lux Intelligent Synch Tool on your monitoring PC you must enter a username and password so that the Agent can identify itself to the Lux Intelligent cloud.  It is this user account which becomes the “owner” of the data within the system.  It is this user only who can request that all data be deleted from the Lux Intelligent system.

If you decide to terminate your Lux Intelligent Cloud service then you will be unable to access your data via the Mobile or web apps. This is also the case if your Lux Intelligent account has zero balance.

You can find further information about data security in our Privacy Policy.