The LuxIntelligent System

The LuxIntelligent system is designed with easy installation in mind, allowing networking via your existing LAN and integrating with existing or third party emergency lights.

Lighting Test Panel

The brains of the system, and is responsible for continuously monitoring the real-time state of the lights, as well as carrying out scheduled tests of the lights on the network.

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The PLU Module

The LuxIntelligent PLU sits inside each Emergency Light and monitors the light levels, battery and mains voltage, and reports this data back to the Lighting Test Panel.

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Light and Luminaire

LuxIntelligent can be supplied with a complete range of lights and will work with most existing lights. A wide range of third party lights can be converted to work with LuxIntelligent.

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The Emergency Lighting Network

The Emergency Lighting Network connects the Lighting Panel to the PLUs in the Lights around your facility using your existing LAN or a dedicated network.

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24/7 Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring gives you access to all your emergency lighting status and test history direct to your mobile device or web browser, anywhere in the world saving time, money and man-hours.

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The LAN Device

The LAN Device connects the Lighting Panel to your LAN network, creating a virtual network of panels at your facility or across multiple locations, and reducing expensive cabling costs.

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