Easy installation, management, testing and monitoring to BS 5266-1, EN 50172 and beyond.

Lux Intelligent is installed either as a single panel or using a multi-panel network configuration.

It is common for customers with large buildings or buildings with multiple floors to make use of a multi-panel network, where each panel will be used to monitor the emergency lighting in a section or floor of the building.

In a multi-panel configuration, it is necessary to network the panels, to retrieve the information from them. Historically this was achieved by running a network cable between the panels so that the panels sat on their own dedicated network. However, this can be expensive due to the cost of cable and the cost of installing the cable. Lux Intelligent panels can utilise a buildings existing LAN network, allowing a central monitoring PC to communicate with each panel in turn, to download the status and emergency lighting test logs via the LAN.

This is achieved by installing a LAN device, which is significantly cheaper than installing cabling and network cards in each panel.
The diagrams below detail the ways in which a panel can be networked so that they can be monitored by a single PC, and the data can then be uploaded to the cloud if the cloud monitoring is also installed.

Lux Intelligent Cloud Networked Example 4

Figure 1: In this network diagram each Lux Intelligent panel is connected to the LAN via its own MOXA Lan Device.  This allows any of the PCs on the LAN to act as the monitoring PC, and connect to any of the three panels.

Lux Intelligent Cloud Networked Example 1

Figure 2: This example shows how networking methods can be mixed across an installation.  Here a single panel is connected to a monitoring PC via a direct serial connection.  The second panel is connected to the LAN via a MOXA LAN Device.  Any of the PCs on the Local Area Network (LAN) can act as the Monitoring PC to the second panel.

Lux Intelligent Cloud Networked Example 2

Figure 3: In this example, two separate panels each have their own monitoring PC directly attached.  This networking solution can be used where no direct LAN or hard wired network exists between the two panels.  Each of the monitoring PCs must have access to the internet to upload data to the cloud.

Lux Intelligent Cloud Networked Example 3

Figure 4: This diagram shows three Lux Intelligent panels connected conventionally using the hard wired network.  One of these panels has a MOXA LAN Device attached, allowing any of the PCs on the Local Area Network to act as the monitoring PC.  The Monitoring PC can download emergency light test logs from any of the panels via the panel connected to the LAN.